“With so much under threat from a changing climate, invasive species, habitat loss and fragmentation, and declining numbers of birds and insects, planting natives in your garden shows that you are trying to make a difference.  Native plants have the power to heal our landscapes, welcome wildlife into our gardens, and inspire us”.  (The Northeast Native Plant Primer by Uri Lorimer)

Why plant Native Plants?

By definition, a native Pennsylvania plant is one that grew in Pennsylvania before the European settlers arrived, as opposed to exotic plants which came from other countries after that time period.  Natives have many advantages. Because they evolved here, they are well-adapted to our climate and are generally easy to care for once they are established.  Many native perennials like less fertile soil and require the addition of little or no fertilizer.  Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose natives is to preserved Pennsylvania’s biodiversity.  (Penn State Extension)

We have expanded a bit on the definition of “native” to include plants which are native to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.