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Spotted Lanternfly: How to Get Rid of the Nymphs

lanternfly nymphs imageThe Spotted Lanternfly is a destructive insect that has invaded Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties! All winter long, their eggs lay waiting for the warm weather, carefully encased in a protective, hardened layer of secretion.  In just a few weeks, swarms of the adult Spotted Lanternfly will appear, destroying crops and causing property damage for area homeowners. In fact, they’re already starting to emerge, although you won’t be seeing the adults just yet! Watch the video below to find out why you need to protect your property from Spotted Lanternfly, what to look for in the Nymph stages, and how you can help control Spotted Lanternfly!


The 25th anniversary of Friends of High School Park!

25 year anniversary logoUse of the park is up! Many of us are finding comfort in visiting a local open space to admire the changing of the season during these uncertain times.

Did you know? This month marks the 25th anniversary of Friends of High School Park!

Friends of High School Park began in May of 1995 as a committee to represent the concerns and interests of the neighborhood in deciding the fate of the 11+ acre property. They proposed a visionary plan for creating a public space that was supported with a purchase by Cheltenham Township under Montgomery County’s Open Space Acquisition Program. For 25 years Friends of High School Park has managed a team of volunteers to manage the park and restore its native ecology.

In honor of our anniversary, we are launching a social media campaign to increase engagement with our community online! We will highlight moments from the history of High School Park as well as a few other treats between now and June 30th – the 25th anniversary of the township decision that made High School Park a reality.

Please help us share our story by following us, liking our posts, and sharing with a friend.  You can easily get to our accounts on the right (or at the bottom if you’re on a mobile device).  Connect with us!  

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Mugwort Removal Process – NEW DIY video

Appropriately socially distanced volunteers are welcome and recommended steps are contained in the video below.  If you’re coming to help, please send an email to so she will know to expect you.


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