UPDATE – We were able to meet the requirements for this donation. Thank you to all who contributed.

A local family foundation has offered an exciting challenge grant to help us close the gap in funding for our current “in process” project, the beautiful Front Entrance Seating Area and Garden, which has been in the planning stages for many years. Now, finally, it is becoming a reality thanks to some very generous donors – but we need your help!

The family foundation will match all contributions that we receive in response to this special appeal, dollar for dollar up to $7,500.00. In addition, if we can meet the $7,500.00 goal by July 31st, the foundation will grant us an additional $1,000.00 as a bonus. Under this program, you can actually double the impact of your donation.

Don’t let this opportunity go by, please join in, give generously and watch High School Park continue to grow