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Bird List

Did you make it outside to look at any birds this weekend? If so, feel free to send us a message about what you saw! Inspired by the weekend, and to help all you avid birdwatchers out there, we’ve put together a list of birds that can be found in the area. Download a printable […]


Annual Report

Thanks to all who attended our Annual Meeting last Wednesday. We said hello to some new board members, good-bye to some seasoned ones, and had a good chance to see the many things that the Friends of High School Park were able to accomplish over just the past year. A special welcome to Lisa Stockerbrand, […]


Natural Beauty

The meadow and field were full of these webs glistening with morning dew the other morning. If you didn’t catch them at the right angle, you wouldn’t even know they were there! The whole meadow was sparkling!

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