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Cheltenham Township Newsletter Article

A big thank you to Cheltenham Township for the write-up about the park in the recent news letter. Below is the text from the article: High School Park: Creating a Neighborhood Gem At this June’s Arts in the Park, the Friends of High School Park (FHSP) officially unveiled the beautiful new park entrance. The stone […]


Newsletter – Honoring Amy Steffen

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Investigating Bumblebee Pathogens

Investigating Bumblebee Pathogens in a Cornell Laboratory By Rosie Nagele, Cornell University, Class of 2018 I peered carefully through the dim red light into the toaster-size bumblebee colony, gripping a pair of long forceps tightly. Nelson, the lab technician, Sally, a lab assistant, and I stood in front of the colonies, preparing to pull eight […]

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