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Say Their Names

There is a new art memorial installed throughout the park – come “Say Their Names”.

Art Exhibition Title

“Say their names!” is an ever-growing list of African Americans – men, women and children killed by police brutality or in blind hate.

I learned about “Say Their Names” in Anna Crusis, the women’s choir I sing with. After calling out their names again and again I imagined being the mother, daughter, sister, or friend and calling out their name became personal and up close.

Take a walk through the park. See a tiny selection of men, women and children and their stories. 

What I hope this installation will do – let us enter but for a moment that person’s place and the senseless, hateful way they were ripped out of their life, what this has done to their loved ones and the black community who never can assume they are safe, respected, entitled to a good education, fair justice, excellent healthcare – things so many of us take for granted. 

You will find a QR code on a nearby stake – point your smartphone camera at the square and you’ll be linked to information about that person’s death. But aside from the technology, please don’t forget to say their names. Say their names as if you knew them and their senseless death, say them again and again as you walk on….

– Marlis Kraft

Historical Hop in the Park

Every Sunday in June get ready for the Historical Hop in High School Park!

Blue rabbits will appear in different locations each Sunday in High School Park with interesting facts about the history of Elkins Park. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code and reveal each week’s history. Historical Hop is a social distancing, family friendly art exhibition created by Rachel Banner @retro_rachel_ Junior at Maryland Institute College of Art and 2018 CHS graduate.

Come explore Elkins Park history and the 25th anniversary of High School Park. When you find the rabbits, post a picture to your Instagram or Facebook with these tags :  #historicalhop #friendsofhighschoolpark

Plant Sale at High School Park

Update May 29:  The following items from the list are SOLD OUT #1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 26, 31, 32, 33

  • Pricing: $2 a plant, 3 for $5. All plants are to be pre-ordered. Here are the Plant list  and an accompanying list of plants with pictures.
  • To make an order, click here to email Donna at
  • Payment is no-contact: Pre-pay by credit card through the Donate button on this website, or have exact change or check to drop in our bucket
  • Pick up is the weekend of May 30-31, Saturday 10-12, Sunday 12-2, 4-6. You will be assigned a pick up date and time by Donna with confirmation of your order
  • Plant sale goes as long as supplies last. ALL proceeds support Friends of High School Park
  • There is no opportunity to browse – orders will be pre-bagged and dropped next to your car or cart. We will be wearing masks and so should you!
You can also email Cynthia Blackwood, our Park Manager, with questions about what to plant where!
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